I've spent many years developing my own technique with porcelain fibre and over this time I have discovered that other artists have very similar practises. Gerhard Richter's large scale paintings are achieved by the repetition of scraping away then adding scapes of colour. I too, layer up colour. Nothing is planned; every movement, every mark is spontaneous. I add and take away until the texture and marks on my canvas are visually interesting.

My contour sculpture came about when I was at University. I built up the contours on a canvas, then made a plaster mould of them. I create a strong form from the press moulded thin porcelain. These are translucent and so light transforms them.

Because the clay is very thin, the form needs to be strong otherwise the sculpture deforms in the kiln. Many pieces of work are lost in this way but the ones which survive are beautiful.

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Arteria May 2015 002
Liz Collinson Image 5 72dpi